Officelinx™ for ShoreTel

Officelinx for ShoreTel integrates ShoreTel telephony solutions with cloud business applications from Google, Salesforce, Jive, Microsoft and others. With Officelinx you can access real-time communication tools like voice and instant messaging (IM) communications, presence, click-to-call, web conferencing, and geo-location mapping inside the business applications you use daily like email and CRM.

Esnatech and ShoreTel Integration
Real Time Presence

Easily see when others are on or off the phone and if they’re free or busy.  Officelinx pulls people’s phone presence off your company’s PBX and displays it next to their photo. Google Apps for Work users can integrate their Google Calendar with Officelinx to automatically share their location and availability.

Instant Messaging

Chat 1-on-1 or with a group of people. Easily add people to any IM session and share your location right within the chat window.


Click on any number or extension and place calls from any Web page inside a Chrome browser. You can select the device you want your call to be sent to including mobile devices.

Geo-location Services

Leverage your smartphone’s location services to share your location with others, to see other people’s location and route calls to different devices based on your physical location.

High Availability

Officelinx scales up to 900 ports and 9 voice servers and can be implemented as SIP to SIP trunks and extensions, or SIP to TDM gateways. Its distributed architecture over multiple servers ensures true active redundancy, massive scalability and disaster recovery.  Leverages VMware vSphere to ensure scalable and always available UC services.

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System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008
  • 40GB of disk space
  • SIP (Network) connection to your phone system

Shoretel Requirements

  • ShoreTel 11.1 and higher
  • 11.1 Build 15.41.3005

Google Gmail Requirements:

  • Configure to be compatible with Officelinx, enable IMAP4
  • OAuth performs Super User function

Virtualization Requirements:

  • VMware vSphere 4.x or higher

Tested Platform:

  • Model IP230
  • Telephony Signaling SIP


  • Shoreware Director 8, 10, 11
  • ShoreGear-40/8
  • Telephony Signaling Analog with SMDI or SIP, and TAPI integration
  • Version 8 requires an external gateway (Dialogic), version 10 and 11 are configured with Direct SIP, see integration documentation for additional details.