Esna Cloudlink For Cisco TelePresence

Communicate and collaborate inside the applications you use everyday

Enabling collaboration is just as vital to business objectives today as it was decades ago when the water cooler brought employees together. Now, however, companies must think outside of the box and leverage video technology to keep employees connected.

Scheduling Cisco TelePresence Resources Has Never Been Easier

Esna Cloudlink for Cisco TelePresence seamlessly embeds the ability to schedule Cisco TMS resources from your Google calendar. Cloudlink for Cisco TelePresence makes it easy to check TMS resource availability, book resources, and modify events. Everything you do inside your calendar is automatically synchronized with Cisco’s TelePresence event scheduler.

Technical Fast Facts

  • Cloudlink for Cisco TelePresence: Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Extension Booking API (TMSBA) or Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Application Integration Extension (APPINT)
  • Cisco TMS Licensing: 14 and higher
  • Cisco TMS Version: 9.1+
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 with VMware ESX or MS Hyper-V and 4-16 GB of RAM

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