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Esna Agenda FAQ

Esna Agenda was created for the road warrior, remote worker and all the people who might prefer just plain easy. Seriously, swapping between calendars and dial pads, remembering passcodes and meeting times — this makes for a rocky start to your day — you just wanted to join the meeting on time right? Esna Agenda was made for you. Here are some typical questions you might have with some easy responses to get you started.

*Note: This mobile application requires Android 4.0.4+ or iOS 7+

Q. Where do I get the app?

Esna Agenda is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

Q. Which calendars are supported?

All of the calendars on your device will be synchronized eliminating the need to enter important information in different places. Create a meeting in your calendar, and it automatically appears in Esna Agenda. You can also choose which calendars to synchronize.

There may be a delay of several minutes before any modified details are harmonized across all platforms.

Q. How do I view my schedule?

The main window of the Agenda app shows your calendar by-the-week or by-the-month. Tap a meeting to view its details, to see who has been invited, and to write and share notes.


Q. Will I forget that I have a meeting?

Esna Agenda provides audible alerts for upcoming events, always keeping you on top of your busy day.

Q. I need to take some meeting notes, how can I do that?

Each meeting has a page for you to enter Notes. Record the minutes for the meeting, add personal reminders, or create Action Items. These notes can then be shared with others.

Q. Everybody has busy schedules, how do I keep track of who was in the meeting?

Tap to highlight the people who came to the meeting. Those who were not able to attend may need to be briefed when convenient

Q. Not everyone will be in the office at the scheduled time, but they would still like to attend?

Esna Agenda can launch a WebEx, Google Hangout, or Scopia session directly from the app. The event must have been created in the calendar on your desktop computer with a WebEx/Google Hangout/Scopia session embedded at that time. Each attendee will be required to load the appropriate client on their device before joining.

Q. Some people only have access to a telephone, how can I include them in a meeting?

Create a telephone conference call in which all invitees can participate from inside the app.